We wanted to come to Deltahacks not to just create some product but create a product with lasting impact. We choose to tackle an area that we felt was underserved. We decided to create a command portal for people with ALS. Command portal ? You're probably wondering what I'm saying. We'll show you as we go along!

What it does

We created a command portal that allows people with ALS to communicate with the world. If you know anyone who suffers from ALS then you would also know how they are completely immobilized. We decide to factor the medium for communication between the device and the user with blinking! With this we were able to have users open and close doors, send help messages to a loved one and even open a blink to text translator that would allow the user to communicate with the world in ways which we have never fathomed.

How we built it

The entire setup consists or 4 main features. The first feature is the blink detection which is powered with 3d vector and spatial mapping. With this technology we are able to map the human eye with the capabilities of any device with a depth sensor. Next up we have the text message feature. In this we see how a user with ALS who is in trouble can blink a certain number of times to trigger a automated message that allows a loved one to know they are in trouble. This is powered by the Twilio API. Next up we have the door open and close feature. This feature allows for users who wish to open doors to blink a certain pattern to trigger a door opening or closing. The final feature is a blink to text translator which is using morse code to identify certain letters and display it on the screen. We feel that with morse code the possibilities are endless for people with ALS to start to move towards a more connected life!

What's next for BlinkBuddy

We plan to divert in either 1 of 2 possibilities. The first possibility is to work on the computer vision and spatial mapping and increase the accuracy of such or to potentially convert our blink detection to be more accurate using EMGs. EMGs or more commonly known as electromyography are muscle detectors and could be placed in pair with the blink detector CV to identify blink with greater accuracy

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