Business Linking in the blink of an eye.

We have combined NFC technology with Google's Firebase database to create a speedy business networking platform ideal for events like career fairs, Hackathons, and random chance meetings. Don't have a resume or business card on you? No worries, simply tap your phone and send your online profile.


Having to deal with overstuffed wallets filled with business cards from networking events and losing connections due to misplaced contact information is extremely frustrating. As we are living in the digital age, we began to shift into a paperless society. Blink allows us network easily by seemlessly share and save contact information using NFC techology, so you won't have to hold on to those easy-to-lose business cards again.

What It Does

Blink allows users to sign up and create a profile to share with other users via NFC. They can also receive "cards" from our users and it will be automatically stored on the cloud.

How We Built It

Blink was built using Android Studio and Java with Google's Firebase integration. The app utilize NFC technology that is navitely built into most Android devices.

Challenges We Ran Into

As with most coding projects, we faced various adversities attributed to coding projects. From having to read large amounts of documentation on how to implement various different functions of Google Firebase and NFC technology to the hard learning curve presented in Android Studio, these factors became challenges for our group to overcome.

What We learned

We learned how to develop an Android app using Android Studio from scratch and the Google Firebase database and authentication platform.

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