Someone who is blind or visually impaired may still want to take photos with a DSLR Camera and share them with family, friends, and connections who can see. Blink, "Cheese!" app offers everyone, including sighted people, a way to control their camera with their gaze and a blink.

What it does .

using facial recognition technology with eye tracking and IBM Bluemix (Watson), analyze the pre-image scene,

How I built it

using Xcode, iPhone X / XS, and IBM Watson / BlueMix

Challenges I ran into .

parsing the JSON data for the DSLR camera requires sequential action to trigger the camera (open shutter, close shutter).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

a complete MVP demo

What I learned

the importance of inclusivity and the focus on creating solutions for nearly 100% of potential users.

What's next for

Blink, "Cheese!" finish the app to comply with App Store Guidelines

Built With

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