Since the schools are closed for long due to the pandemic, kids like us are spending long time with gadgets and straining our eyes. There is also not much fun learning at home. We wanted to create something that will be fun but helps kids to learn better, faster.

What it does

Blink board, a mobile-augmented reality game made using Spark AR studio allows the character to jump over the obstacles with the blink of an eye. It is useful because kids do not usually Blink enough while using their devices. Studies have discovered that Blinking nourishes the eyes with oxygen and nutrients, keeping the eyes healthy and comfortable.

Quicision, is also a mobile-augmented reality app but made using Unity and AR-Foundation. It allows you to create your own quiz to play with your class, using AR. Studies have shown that quizzes are very effective for kids to retain facts in long term memory. The AR format makes it fun in the form of a game and kids can play them with their friends together virtually

How we built it

Blink Board: We made Blink Board using Spark AR Studio, and used javascript to write the code for the score variable. We used a box collider which can detect if it is hit, and we used multiple box colliders for detecting when you hit an obstacle, and when you go over an obstacle and hit the box collider positioned on top of it, it increase the score. The App uses a score variable that changes each time you hit the box collider that we added on top of the obstacle.

Quicision: To make Quicision, we used Unity and a plugin called AR-Foundation. After finding a 3D Model from Unity asset store, we wrote a script for spawning the 3D models (the gift boxes) in 3 set points. To do this, we made 3 different empty game objects, got their positions and spawned the 3D model on top of it using c#. We also used c# to create the shooting effect and for changing the questions. We have also added a score variable that changes each time you get the right answer on the quiz!

Challenges we ran into

It took us a lot of time to get the patch editor of spark ar studio to work and even more to get the code we wrote to work, as there were some project errors and we had to restart a few times.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the way the Blink Board came out, and are really proud how nicely it works! Both of these AR apps can be customised very easily to suit different purposes. For instance, Quicision can be used by teachers to create quizzes in different subjects and students can create their own study items to learn and revise in a fun way!

What we learned

We learned how to make something happen with the blink of our eye and how to spawn something in the real world without using a target plane.

What's next for Blink Board and Quicision

We are going to try and publish Blink Board on the app store and we want to test our Quicision with teachers and ask them if they would use it, and what we can add to the App! We would like to make Quicision a multiplayer mobile AR game for teachers and students and work towards that.

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