Two weeks ago, my friend and I hosted a screening of the Social Network at his house.In the event description on Facebook, my friend posted his home address under the venue, and since he had made this a public event, anyone could find out where my friend lives. This is information that most people don't want out there, and as a result we came up with this idea to prevent people from making these mistakes simply by making them aware.

What it does

Our app, after taking in key pieces of information (i.e. address, phone number, etc.), will scrape your Twitter account and look for matches with the data you provided. Then, it'll offer you the following pieces of data:

Number of tweets with your phone number Number of tweets with your address People reached (how many friends of friends) How many people you have blocked

Additionally, the app will send push notifications whenever you post a poor tweet.

How we built it

First, we built a Python script that uses the Twitter API and HTTP requests to collect the pieces of data we presented. Then, we used to communicate our Python script with our Node script, which renders our web app. Additionally, we used to update the data live on our webpage as more tweets come in.

Challenges we ran into

For a while, we had difficulty figuring out how to connect the Python script and the Node script until we figured out to use Additionally, we had some delay since our members needed to learn new languages, so some basic actions took us longer to implement than they should have.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building an app in 24 hours that actually helps people make better decisions in regards to their online discourse, in a time where now, more than ever we need to watch what we post.

What we learned

Nikhil's first time using Python was today to build this app. Additionally, Sankruth learned Node.

What's next for Blindsight

-Incorporating functionality for more social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) -SMS Notifications -Tagged Photos

Basically just adding more features for maximum awareness.

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