There are a lot of things we do in our lives that rely on our eyes, especially as programmers.

It came as a surprise to see a blind student in our classes. As much as companies and schools try to help people with disabilities, they have limited staff and resources.

When we learned about the City of Mississauga's Smart Cities initiative at PC Hacks, we thought of a way to make the project be more accessible and inclusive.

What it does

We have developed an assistive technology application to help the visually impaired through live remote assistance from their mobile device called BlindSight.

Volunteers can help the visually impaired enhance their daily lifestyle by allowing them to be more independent. Routine tasks like reading medicine bottle labels, navigating commute to and from work are more difficult to accomplish with limited vision.

Core Features - object recognition, live video chat, gesture navigation, voice assistance, torch toggle

How we built it

Swift 4 - iOS app

Core ML - object recognition

Twilio - video interface

Google Maps API - location recognition

Firebase - push notifications, server, database

Balsamiq - Wireframing for UI/UX

Challenges we ran into

Machine Learning - Accuracy of objects recognized in the camera's view

Server Connection - Firebase

What we learned

UI/UX Design - keeping UI simple to make a blind person's UX as smooth as possible (limiting buttons in case of errors - as the usual best practices don't apply to people with disabilities; privacy (disabling front-facing camera)

What's next for BlindSight

Android App - to increase user base

Reward System - Partnering with sponsors to provide rewards for reaching helper milestones (number of hours, number of users helped, maintaining a high rating), and schools for community volunteering recognition

Emotion Detection - Recognizing user's emotion via facial recognition for immediate user feedback

Voice Commands - User-friendly navigation app

Location Pairing - Allowing volunteer to select specific user to help from a map

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