As college students, we found the existing job search apps to be too complicated to use and not at all user friendly. We want to humanize the internship seeking process, and giving students and recruiters equal importance. We also wanted it to be based on skills only, not any personal factors, like age or sex.

What it does

If you are a student, it prompts you to create an account and fill out a resume template, and if you are an employer, it gives you a template to fill out based on what type of student you want to hire. Then on the main screen, it displays a card-based view of resumes/internship postings. Clicking "accept" the card view sends that information to be stored in a database. If both the student and company accept each other, the recruiter unlocks access to the student's personal information, like name, city (& State), profile picture, age, sex, etc. We chose to do this to ensure that a recruiter would not discriminate on any of those mentioned factors, and only based on skills. If the student accepts but the recruiter declines, the student is banned from accepting that posting until its end date.

How we built it

We build an Android app using Java in Android Studio. We used Visual Studio Code to make a website using JS, CSS & HTML. We also used Firebase Database,, photoshop, Angular JS.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting database to our website and app. However, the biggest challenge was the time constraint. If we had a little more time, we could have implemented all the features that we wanted to, like google cloud scholar api to search for postings outside of our service.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our grit and determination during times of despair. It was our first hackathon and I'm proud of the fact that we chose a challenging project and worked towards it instead of choosing an easy project.

What we learned

We learned a little bit about how databases work and through our exploration of google cloud, we learned about some of the absolutely incredible apis google offers, including the Scholar Api, which we would have implemented time permitting.

What's next for BlindOwl

We plan to finish working on it over the next couple of weeks and ultimately finish our project. This being our first hackathon and us actually wanting an app like this to exist both contribute towards our passion towards it.

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