Blinders is a gui virtual work environment to aid in alleviating the increased distractions, lowered motivation, and impaired time management during this hectic time, and summer, of the new normal. Living in the time of coronavirus has complicated aspects of our lives in which we are unaccustomed to change. As such, we have decided that the best way to highlight this summer, and this year so far is to simplify lives and normalize our new normal. With Summer coming to an end and Educational institutes implementing remote learning and many companies continuing their work from home policies, we wanted to create a desktop application that helps you focus, increase productivity, and minimize distractions.

How we built it:

We built blinder using python, and the os module that allows interaction with the file management and access management system of the operating system.

Challenges we ran into:

Since different OS's have different file management and access management systems, it was a bit difficult to come up with a single code solution that would be compatible with any os it is being run on.

Accomplishments we're proud of:

Although we fully established the team well over the start time we still manged to create our vision. We were a very adaptive and responsive team, we created an environment of learning and supported each other through our doubts. We were able to complete most of the intended backend functionalities, and were able to meet the deadline with the good video demo to present!

What we learned:

Learnt the various ins and outs of file management and access management systems across different operating systems. We also learnt how to easily simulate the front-end interactions and prototyping.

What's Next for Blinders:

  • Create a compact front-end to compliment the backend.

Built with:

Python, Pandas and team work :')

Built With

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