Being blind has always been a big problem when moving through the city as there are lots of obstacles in every single street. One of the most dangerous situations comes when crossing a big street with a traffic light. In many cities the traffic lights already incorporates some kind of system to inform blind people about the actual state of it but they usually don't work correctly. They also have another big problem: they want to go shopping but they can’t recognize the different shops in the city. These are the reasons why I am trying to help them by using this new system.

What it does

I have developed a system for Smart Cities (beacons + mobile app) that solves both problems. For the first one, it alerts them about the state of traffic lights vibrating longer if it is in red light and vibrating shorter when in turns green. This system works through BLE and the traffic lights works as a beacon so that the mobile receives its signal when it is near. To solve the second problem I am using the same system as in the previous case. There will be a beacon in each shop that when they pass near the door, the app will receive a short description about the shop and the mobile will read it as a speaker.

How I built it

I am using the Arduino 101 as a beacon using its BLE connection and I use it also to simulate the traffic lights and a shop with some LEDs. In addition, I have used MIT APP Inventor to develope the app that will run the idea.

Challenges I ran into

I am not a software engineer so programming is always a big challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developing an idea that can have a social benefit.

What's next for BlindBlink

Improve the APP as it has still some problems to communicate with the beacon (Arduino 101).

Built With

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