We wanted to play with project Tango, Google's indoor mapping / depth sensing Android tablet.

What it does

It maps an indoor space as you walk through it. You can mark locations where you put your keys, or you can mark emergency exits or points of interest. You can also create your own Natural History Museum: place dinosaur sculptures on any flat surface (a wall, floor, table). You can also throw balls around and they will bounce off your surfaces. Even if you launch the app outside the mapped space, when you enter the mapped area it should recognise where you are and show your markers. This could be used to help blind people navigate indoors.

How we built it

Unity C# on a Project Tango tablet

Challenges we ran into

No experience with 3D / Unity / Project Tango. What is a quaternion? Suboptimal hackathon WiFi made downloading the SDKs, docs and models annoying. Battery life on Tango is not very good.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

You can walk around a sculpture in augmented reality. It's a nice visual demo, even if it's not entirely original.

What we learned

3D programming is complicated but possible.

What's next for Blind Tangoing Dinosaurs

Helping the visually impaired to better navigate indoors. Better AR art galleries.

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