The belief in the ease of accessibility for everyone

What it does

tells the user how far away objects are in front of them

How I built it

All technology will be connected to a hat. There is a distance sensor, mini spy camera, Arduino, breadboard, battery pack, and raspberry pi attached to the hat. The user will ask blindSpotter how far away objects are and using Google’s speech to text, the arduino will take in the information and talk to the distance sensor. The distance sensor is attached to the raspberry pi and obtains values for how far away the object is using a wifi connection. There is also a mini spy camera that will capture images and send it to the SD card in the raspberry pi that is attached to the hat, the pi will connect to the Google Cloud vision API to detect objects in the captured image. Then using Google text to speech API, the raspberry pi connected to Bluetooth headphones, there is an automated audio playback into headphones.

Challenges I ran into

working with google api's

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

figuring out google api's

What I learned

What's next for Blind Spotter

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