Website ADA compliance got me thinking about all the daily troubles visually impaired users have to go through even to navigate a simple website, and things like video games are nearly all impossible for them to play. That's why I went with creating a game that would be playable even with your screen turned off, using stereo audio feedback so you can instead hear if the ball is on the left/right of your paddle, and fade out/get loud as it heads closer towards you.

I learned multiple new aspects that I implemented in this project. Allowing multiple game instances to run concurrently so there is no limit on the total amount of players that can be connected is one of the main aspects that I'm glad I learned how to work out.

The game is built using vanilla websockets (no frameworks involved, I created it all myself!) to allow rapid communication of data between connected users for minimal latency. The server is running using node.js and vanilla javascript for all game mechanics.

Faced challenges with the audio channels and being able to split it into separate files for stereo left/right channels.

(NOTE: To play, connect to the game. The game will begin when the lobby is filled with four players, if four players are not present you can just open it in multiple tabs to get it started without waiting for others)

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