We have always been interested in different type of coding and engineering. We brainstormed the idea of using color background to try and navigate a scene. We hope to produce more games with the black and white background theme.

What it does

Blinds is a simple tapping game. You move left and right and press a button to change the background color to navigate the path. The platforms you stand are either hidden or shown depending on the background color. They are still there, even if you cant see them! This was developed to be primarily used for an iPhone but has not been approved by Apple yet.

Building process

We storyboarded on a series of sticky notes and immediately started transferring into Unity. One of us had some experience already and quickly developed a testing game. We continued on work on the code and menus, further implementing graphics and functionality. After many bug fixes, we finally had a finished product!


Some of the concepts in the game are completely new territory such as; infinite running, stacks, IEnumerators, displaying timers, and many others.


Making our first app! This first step will lead to many other developments in the future.

What We Learned

With lots of effort, you can make apps very quickly, but making them polished takes more time. We have furthered our skills in coding, debugging, and making art.

What's next for Blind: A Three Laned Color Switch Runner.

We hope to upload it fully to the app store, implement a sharing capability and a shop.

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