Revolutionary Classroom Response System that uses Bluetooth Low Energy

What it does

Unlike other internet based polling system ,it uses the unique feature of BLE to send and receive response without the need for pairing.

Unlike physical Clickers that uses RF and requires dedicated RF receiver, this project uses any computer with BLE as well as Arduino 101 as BLE clickers.

Unlike other solution that uses Smartphones and internet, this project makes use of Arduino 101 for students who cannot afford a smartphone.

As it rides on BLE, it is friendly on battery consumption

How we built it

Arduino Sketch for student Arduino Clcikers UWP for Blicker Teacher App on Win 10

Challenges we ran into

Not enough sensor switchers as each clickers must have 4 buttons

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe this is the first in the World classroom response system that uses bluetooth low energy. We hope this project can be a blessings to many teachers and students in other parts of the world where they have no access to internet or be able to use and take advantage of Technology in the classroom

What we learned

To use technology to improve lives

What's next for Blicker For Arduino 101 - Classroom Response System

To test out on a larger scale.

Built With

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