How it works

BleVu is an indoor navigation/information system for the visually impaired to guide them through an indoor space. We imagined the solution to be more of 'providing important information at the right time' than an actual navigation system that puts the user on an indoor map. We imagined a smartphone app that listens to BLE beacons placed in strategic positions to navigate a space. To elucidate, if the a user is to be guided in a subway station, the app could inform the user (through voice) if he/she is approaching a flight of stairs or a turnstile, based on multiple beacons placed strategically. In the future, this could be a platform that is used for making an indoor space accessible.

Challenges I ran into

Distance accuracy of Bluetooth beacons.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for BleVu

Improving the algorithm and making it into a framework for implementing this into any indoor space in different buildings.

Built With

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