It has always been a dream of mine to run a webserver inside of a 3d modeling application.

What it does

We run a webserver inside Blender and we send restful requests to it to control blender and get data out. We also can ask Alexa to teach us about some Blender topics via the blender docs.

How I built it

I first installed pip into/onto blender's python. Then I installed the needed modules. Next I wrote the server as a blender addon, and installed it from file to Blender. Executed the addon, starting up the server.

Challenges I ran into

Never having the correct context. This issue prevents the server from executing some of blender's python commands. To get around this I could instead write the desired command to the blender text editor and execute that code to get the desired outcome.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Works. Decent chunk of commands available (assuming alexa interprets them correctly).

What I learned

The grind that is Alexa dev.

What's next for Blendexa

Flush out the commands. Clean up the code. More commands.

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