Even though credit scores play a key role in how one gets a mortgage, car, credit card, etc., the current credit system is flawed. The credit system can be unfair to many individuals. For example, individuals who don’t have much information in their credit files, only use cash, or were put in a bad position from another individual are unable to access generational wealth-building opportunities. Additionally, the current credit system gives very little control and security to individuals over their credit score. For example, many lenders can leverage alternative data that individuals are unable to control, which can make it even harder for an individual to get a loan. The world is in need of a new credit score tool that users can more interactively see how their credit score is impacted and what they can do to improve it.

What it does

Blender.Co is a safe, private, and revolutionary blockchain tool that computes a user’s credit score through many different factors. Blender.Co aims to be very helpful to the user by making it easy for the user to view and learn about their credit score. This is done by Blender’s extremely easy-to-use user interface and interactive app. By simply creating an account through your name, email, password, and digital web address, Blender will calculate your credit score and report your credit score back to you quickly and efficiently in seconds. It will also link you to parts of the website, with one click, where you can see your loans, transactions, and funds and see how it affects your credit score.

How we built it

Blender.Co scrapes and sorts data from public databases with information on crypto transactions and loans with python. Using front-end html, css, and react JS languages, Blender will display this data back to you with information that can easily be read on the transactions and how your credit score was calculated. This is displayed with an extremely user-friendly app structure that communicates data logically. Blender.Co also lets users create and sign into accounts that are managed by Google's developmental tool, Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Our team ran into many challenges that required us to learn and communicate to ultimately come as far as we did. One challenge our team faced was implementing Firebase as a back-end to our application. By leveraging each other’s strengths as developers, we were able to follow Google’s documentation and eventually implement Firebase into our project. Another challenge was connecting the front-end development with the back-end scraping algorithm to make Blender.Co a user-friendly, complete app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team is extremely proud of our willingness to communicate and work together to combine our strengths to make such a great tool. We are also proud of how passionate we all were about cryptocurrency and on fixing the current credit system and how we were able to combine them into Blender.Co.

What we learned

Our team learned the importance of collaboration and working together to build Blender.Co. Finishing such a huge project in 36 hours with various technologies took a lot of hard work and commitment together, and wouldn’t haven’t been possible with just 1 or 2 people. We also learned how back-end and front-end development can be used together to create a user-friendly tool that is accurate.

What's next for Blender.Co

Blender.Co plans to grow further by providing more documentation in the app teaching users the importance of credit and how Blender.Co aims to help them grow their credit. Our team plans to think more about adding, removing, and refining the factors that play a part in the Blender.Co credit score. Blender.Co aims to be expanded in a way that takes everyone’s safety, privacy, and needs in a way that is fair and nondiscriminatory to revolutionize the credit system!

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