Cooking app for iOS which implements a reverse-recipie function where the user inputs ingredients they have at home and our app returns a list of meals they can make out of those ingredients. When the user taps on one of the meals they are able to make it will tell the user directions for making the dish. The app will also implement a QR scanner where we will request grocery stores to print a QR code on each receipt. By scanning the QR code the user will be able to see meals they can make out of the ingredients they purchased at their grocery store. In total, this app is a simplistic alternative towards culinary instruction and we will focus our primary target market on generation X while our secondary target market consists of health-cautious young adults.

Partner APIs: Pebble: cooking instructions will be able to appear on pebble ImageShack: providing Blend It with images of ingredients and meals Facebook: Users will be able to share meals they have cooked with their Facebook contacts Google: For providing miscellaneous information regarding ingredients and meals such as nutritional value and preparation time

External APIs: Yummly: Contains a database for recipies of over 1 million meals, parameters for ingredients can be passed through and we can use Yummly API to filter out meals which can be made with the user's ingredients

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