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We've all had that moment when we couldn't find an important bunch of keys, or your passport, or your Raspberry Pi just when you need them. You were complete sure you put them here.

Wouldn't it be great if the keys could make noise and let you know where they were? Wouldn't it be great if you could call your passport like you would call a lost phone?

That's exactly what we've done! Drop by booth#AC if you wanna see a demo!

What it does

You just clip the Bluetooth Beacon to the item of importance, open the Android App we made and tag it using a name. Next time you need it:

  1. The app will have the approximate GPS position (so you can find the room you left it in)
  2. Tell you how strong the Beacon signal is (so you know you're nearby)
  3. And let you "call" the item so it makes some noise while you try to find it!

When you're done with this item, just clip it onto another one and you'll be good to go again! Simple, Cheap, Long-Lasting (Uses Bluetooth Low Energy) and a must-have!

The Beacons can transmit data as well, and you can use this for retail as well. See a concept video by CNET:

How we built it

We used the DFRobot Bluno Beetle as your Arduino+BLE Module, hooked it up to batteries and uploaded some simple code onto it. We then made an Android app (Java+AndroidStudio) to make an interface (using Android's BLE and Location APIs) to detect, show and manage your BLE Tags.

Challenges we ran into

The APIs were very flaky, and it was our first time working with both Android and Bluetooth LE. The RF noise in the crowded hall was also troublesome and forced us to exit the hall quite a few times.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The whole team worked very hard for 24 hours, to explore a very new topic, and actually got TWO wireless, compact and marketable prototypes up despite hours of challenging debugging sessions, little to no-sleep and resisting the urge of bingeing on the delicious snacks around.

What we learned

We learned how to learn from each other in a very short span of time, and pick up big skills during an intense, fun hackathon.

What's next for BLE Indoor Item Localizer

We'll have to iron out a few bugs in the prototype. We're hopefully going to refine the app, AR enable it so you can use your camera. We'll also look into using Computer Vision for the same app, so we get rid of the hardware altogether!

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