Well, this hackathon is a blast from the past, and so is our project!! We wanted to dive deep into the game aesthetics and nostalgia of the 90s era. And that's what we've tried to make in our project "Blast From The Past"

What it does

You land up in 90s era, driving a 90s car. Then you got two places to visit. Either the game parlour or the Cinema.
In the Game Parlour page, we've got 4 games for users to play!! The games are - Tetris, Dance Revolution, Pacman and Snake

In the Cinema Page, we've showed the tech advancements that were made in the 90s, and how they formed the building blocks of what we have now, and we've tried to present it in an innovative way.

How we made it

For games, tech timeline and landing page, we mostly used javascript for functionality and HTML-CSS for looks and design.
For the street scene, from where user can select from either Cinema or Game Parlour, we've used Three.js library, creating our own skyboxes
The website is hosted on linode!


Accomodating everything together was a really challenging task, but we got through it.
Creating everything within the time span and making them work was also tough, but our team did it anyway. Also, making three.js listen to click events was quite tricky, since only DOM elements are capable of listening to click, but eventually we figured it out.

Accomplishments we're proud of

We dived deep into nostalgia, and the game culture and aesthetics of the era of 90s, the most beautiful era according to our team. That's our greatest accomplishment. Also, we are proud of the UI and aesthetics of our website.

What we learned

We learned-
making scenes in three.js
many new things in javascript
hosting on linode
designing and video editing aspects

Whats next for "Blast From The Past"

We'll be trying to add more games maybe, and make the site interactive and add multiplayer feature.

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