by Matthew, Syed, Maryam, Haley


There are many subjects that require remembering content all the way from elementary school to university. Students get furious because they have to memorize content and are usually unsure if they are confident in what they have memorized. We built a web app that allows students to memorize with less tediousness and also be able to assess themselves in terms of their progress on the content they have memorized. Furthermore, research has shown that spaced repetition, i.e. trying to repeat content without looking at the source, is helpful in learning and memorizing content. Digitalizing this process was the goal in this project.

What it does

Blanqie is a web app that allows students of all levels to practice what they have memorized through a fill-in-the-blank exercise and also test their progress on how well they have memorized a certain topic or content. To do this, a student has to upload a text file with content in it to the web app. The web app takes the content from within the text file and displays it on the web app page but with randomized words blanked out. The student then fills in the blanks to assess their knowledge.

There is a landing page the welcomes students to the web app, a page that gives students instruction on how they will use the app, and a page that allows uploading a text file that allows students to assess their knowledge and progress.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS, and Django to build the web app and design it. We also used Adobe Illustrator to design the background and any other graphics visible on the web app. As for our collaboration, we used Visual Studio Code as our IDE and GitHub Desktop to keep adding our individual changes to our GitHub repository and also be able to edit the overall code.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges we ran into were involved with setting up the actual django project. As it was our first time working with django, we had to restart our project twice due to the organization of the files being messed up and some dependencies missing. However, it started working on the third try and we were able to progress on the project

Another challenge we ran into was implementing the dropzone.js into the program. Learning how to implement file dialogue, take in files, and output text back was an interesting task that gave us many obstacles.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we could make such progress in our web app despite learning the major component of the program, Django, for the first time also considering the limited time we had. We are also proud that we could overcome the challenges we encountered through teamwork and communication skills.

What we learned

We learned how to use Django to make a web app and how to use a MVT design pattern. Incoporating libraries such as dropzone.js and built in python libaries while also using DTL (Django Template Language) was another whole new experience for our group. Moreover, we also learned the challenges a coder faces when learning a new type of language as well as how to solve them by thinking quickly and teamwork by communicating with our teammates. Overall, we learned a lot of things and our knowledge of web development grew as a whole.

What's next for Blanqie

In the future, we hope to improve Blanqie and its services. One thing we would like to do is make the overall program more responsive to test a person's knowledge. To do this, we will make the project so that when the randomized blanks are filled in, then the program can verify if the entered words are correct or incorrect and provide the person with a grade as well. This will allow students to assess themselves properly in terms of where they are. Additionally, we hope to move the program to an actual domain so that students can take it into use and benefit from it. Moreover, we will also add a feedback page that will allow us to get feedback from students who use it to see how they feel about this project and how we can improve it.

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