Setting up discord servers takes forever. You have to set up all the channels and permissions and it's highly repetitive for a simple task. We knew that discord bots can do all that functionality, so we made a bot that can do it for you. Discord does in fact have some built-in templates, but those are lacklustre at best.

What it does

Discord does in fact have some built-in templates, but those are lacklustre at best. They have few channels and aren't professional in the slightest. Our bot makes it simple and easy to make a professional-looking server.

How we built it

We coded it in node.js with the help of Discord.js. We are using Github to host our website with documents on using it and examples of the templates. We have one central file and subfiles for each command.

Challenges we ran into

We experience many, many challenges. We didn't start with a discord bot. Initially, we were going to make a project to detect covid masks using machine learning, but we had many issues involving that and it ended up failing. This made us switch to a discord bot where we had a few issues but overall that went fairly well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to finish this fairly substantial project in only 4 hours. I think that despite our hardships this shows that as a team we can overcome anything.

What we learned

The biggest thing we learned was time management, and at what point you need to give up on something that isn't working. We also learned quite a few skills of using discord.js. Although our other project didn't end up working, I think the whole team learned quite a lot about neural networks and machine learning.

What's next for BlankServer

We are considering releasing this as a fully-featured public discord bot. We have high hopes for this project, and may even monetize it someday if it becomes popular.

Use up until the audio dies:

We used as a template for the website.

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