Growing up, I've always loved role playing games. Something about being able to constantly keep my interest with plot alone and very little innovation to mechanics, to today where RPGs are becoming very robust and strategically intense. I wanted to tell my own story, as well as introduce a different angle on how we view the human morale compass. I wanted to accomplish this with an RPG game that uses the seven deadly sins (and their inverse, the seven holy virtues) to fuel their combat system. As a result the characters representing these sins/virtues are expected to interact with a main character that is completely neutral in all regards. A blank slate.

What it does

What we put on paper and what was developed became very different animals. Precisely 1,007 lines of c# scripting later what was developed was an attempt at gathering as much useful knowledge of developing RPG-centric mechanics. 2D Shooter elements became involved. Click and point targeting, fluid movement animation, map generation based on pixel analytics. There's even baddies to target practice with!

How I built it

Not knowing a lick of C#, my first stop was youtube. Found a wonderful youtuber who has a great series on programming in C# and working with Unity to build a role playing game. Following his guides through both Youtube and personal messaging, I was able to fine tune a lot of features I would have normally left sloppily done.

Challenges I ran into

A lot of fumbling about when you dont know where anything is in your IDE. Experimentation and clicking options when you dont know what they do can lead to a lot of data loss, and effectively wasted time. The error messages were vague, and not very well explained unless you spent a thorough amount of interest investigating them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Made something functional in Unity, a solid foundation for the next step in my learning process.

What I learned

Working alone can be difficult, especially when you're up against a language you've never used before.

What's next for Blank

Custom artwork that's more relevant to the story, character interactions. Main menu, music/sound engineering. Linux based porting options so it can be debugged on a raspberry pi.

Built With

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