I love playing Virtual Piano, and had always wanted to create something similar. I also think that sharks are awesome singers (e.g. the viral baby shark). Thus, I have recruited 6 blahajs (4 vocalist, 2 percussionist, all from this telegram sticker pack) to perform for us during this festive season.

What it does

It listens to keypresses and sings, following the virtual piano keymapping. So you can practice your typing skills with blalalalahaj! This doesn't work on phones as you'll need to type on a keyboard!!

How I built it

Using ReactJS and midi-sounds-react

Challenges I ran into

Choosing the right voice for Blahaj

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm genuinely proud of building something that is purely for fun (a lot of this is inspired by the awesome inventor Simone Giertz). It might be a simple project but it rekindled my passion for web development. Also, I am proud that I'm able to build this in a short timeframe.

What we learned

Playing piano

What's next for Blalalalahaj

Include touch typing tutorials! "Learn how to type while watching Blahajes dance"

Add legit animations for blahaj. Instead of jumping up and down, make them hit de drumz with their fins. But first, I'll need a blahaj for this ;)

Also, I'll be making omatatatone, virtual kalimba and more fun stuff

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