Flag Tag

The Story

Inspired by the care-free games of our childhood and the incredible computing power in our pockets and the cloud, we have decided to take our favorite games -- laser tag -- out of specially designed rooms and into the real world. However, using this framework, we can do so much more.

The Game

We decided to make a fun, kid-friendly Android game. It's like laser tag -- but instead of lasers, players use their phone cameras to take pictures of icons. This lends itself to an incredible level of flexibility. In this case, we've associated the logos with teams, and told each team to wear certain stickers. Then the players are given points for taking pictures of the opposite team. However, you could use this for a capture-the-flag, or scavenger hunt, or so much more.

Technical Benefits

We used Android Studio to make the app, and interfaced with the Clarifai API in order to look for the icons. This means that this multiplayer game does not actually need to talk to any unique game server, which means that the number of players doesn't cause the game to slow down or have any performance problems. It also means that there isn't any personal information that the game needs for you to play - just start the app and go!

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