Coming to school in a new city, we were looking for places who could do new hairstyles for an affordable cost as well as good quality.

What it does

We created a demo database through airtable since it is a relational database, we found that useful for “Salons” since that piece of data holds multiple fields. We also created a prototype to dabble in user interface since we do not get the chance to in our courses at school, we thought it would be a great opportunity to use some new tools

How we built it

We initially did not know how we would go about it, we considered react, javascript, or swift but realized learning those languages in a short amount of time was not feasible. We then tried stacker but did not like the interface. We landed back on Figma after finding a plugin that can take certain data type from airtable.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we were struggling with connecting the information that we put into airtable into the actual Figma prototypes. Due to our lack of experience with Figma, a lot of our time was spent learning how to use the tool itself.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of our user interface prototype. Neither of us have much experience with design, so we were very pleased with how our Figma prototype came out. Additionally, we felt very proud with our database. Similarly, neither of us had much experience creating a database, and Airtable was a new platform.

What we learned

We learned the basics of Figma and Airtable, and how to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

What's next for Blair

If we had 24 more hours we may have been able to implement the form where users could actually make an entry.

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