I find Solana as being a wonderful piece of technology and was a bit saddened by most project only being copies of existing Ethereum ones. So i asked myself the question, What is possible on Solana that isn't on Ethereum and then came the idea. If Solana becomes what it aims to be, a casino has to be one of the existing app within the ecosystem.

What it does

For now one can do two things with Blaidor. You can stake to fund the casino so it can pay the winners while receiving fees and losers funds. And you can play to a head or tail game.

How we built it

Blaidor has three components : A program deployed on Solana built using anchor. A server that can be queried to retreive some historical information. An admin process that manages the casino (more on that in the project read me). And a front end for the user to interact with the program.

Challenges we ran into

Getting started with Solana/Anchor program was challenging at the start. What was trully challenging was finding a way to generate random values on the Solana blockchain given the absence of a VRF. The solution is explained in the project readme.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finding a way to create the random seed.

What we learned

I mostly learned how to build on Solana.

What's next for Blaidor

In the near futur we plain on implementing all the games one can expect from a web2 casino.

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