Blåhaj is just such an iconic inspiration to so many people all over the world, and it is a severe fault of humanity that there is not yet a dedicated app specifically for the appreciation of Blåhaj. I took it upon myself to create this application, and to fill the gaping Blåhaj-shaped hole in the internet.

What it does

A Blåhaj would not be complete with our many different functions which allowed for the magic of Blåhaj to fill every moment of every day. That is why BlahBlahBlåhaj has 6 amazing components: Apart from these, there is a web application powered using CockroachDB which allows you to create an account and log in to be able to access the actual BlahBlahBlåhaj app. 1) Blåhaj chat. Here you can post messages to a forum all about Blåhaj. These messages show up with a title, the content, and the date they were created. Every 5th message is posted in the 'featured' section, so that you can scroll through only the very best Blåhaj appreciation messages. 2) Blåhaj arcade. With 2 brilliant games to choose from, you will never be bored! Flappy Blåhaj is a rendition of Flappy Bird starring none other than the incredible Blåhaj (therefore making it precisely 1000000x better than flappy bird). Blåhaj Match is similar to 2048: you match images of Blåhaj until you reach the ULTIMATE Blåhaj! 3) FindThatBlåhaj. Created Google maps and a list of IKEA stores in the UK, USA, Australia, and Sweden (found by web scraping the IKEA Website), this feature allows you to see the IKEA stores which have a Blåhaj in stock near you. Sadly, I had no Blåhaj of my own, but thanks to FindThatBlåhaj, I saw there was an IKEA only 1h away which had a Blåhaj! So now I own one :) 4) Speak to Blåhaj. Created using Google Cloud and Dialogflow, this feature allows you to 'chat' to Blåhaj about all things shark-related. It even has answers to common smalltalk, but beware, Blåhaj can be feisty! 5) Blåhaj identification. Want to make sure that you are purchasing a Blåhaj and not a Greenland, or a Basking shark? Well, thanks to Blåhaj identification, you will never make that mistake! Simply point the camera at the Blåhaj and you will discover whether it is, in fact, the real thing! 6) Blåhaj Lists. Made using CockroachDB, this useful application allows you to keep track of everything you need to do! Simply add tasks, and then check them off as you go!

How we built it

Blåhaj chat was built using flask, html, css, and javascript. It is hosted on pythonahywhere and 'iframed' into the app so that it can be viewed from Github. Blåhaj arcade contains 2 javascript-based games which where created using only HTML, CSS, and JS. FindThatBlåhaj was created using google Maps and web scraping. Speak to Blåhaj was created using Google Cloud and Dialogflow. Blåhaj identification was created using Teachable Machine and javascript. Blåhaj Lists was made using Cockroachdb and flask. The BlahBlahBlåhaj web application was based upon a Cockroach University tutorial and is powered with flask and cockroach database.

Challenges we ran into

My teammates laptop broke down on the before hacking started so he had to pull out, and since he had most knowledge for CockroachDB, this threw a real spanner in the works, however I managed to work around it, and finally set up the database! I tried to deploy the CockroachDB web app on Kubernetes, however I was unable to complete this in the timeframe thanks to patchy WiFi (why did my brother have to stream on Twitch all day :( )

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I created a rather fleshed-out application with many different features which I feel that Blåhaj would be very proud of :) I managed to, after 3 hackathons of trying, finally set up a working cockroach database! It may be simple, but I gained valuable skills in how CockroachDB works, and I plan to utilise these skills in future hackathons where the database can power a larger part of the application.

What we learned

I learned lots of different things during this hackathon and can't wait to take our new knowledge to more hackathons in the future! I learned about using Cockroach SQL - something completely new for me - as well as figuring out how to create games using only JS to handle all the functions, and trying to integrate a flask application into my app.

What's next for BlahBlahBlåhaj

Sharkhacks may be over, but Blåhaj is eternal. I will not stop with this application, even after sharkhacks! More features that I hope to add include message integration for when you are close to an IKEA, or daily shark facts!

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