Our SlugCycle application is based on Earth’s climate crisis and serves to inform its users of recyclable goods. Some of our members noticed that not many people truly know or understand what items can actually be recycled and why other materials can’t be, and so we came up with the idea for our informative app that aims to increase common knowledge of recyclables and their relationship to the environment. Using the Ionic app development software, designing this app was its own challenge due to our group’s unfamiliarity with CSS, HTML and even typescript. As many of our team members were first time users of many of these scripting languages, we encountered many obstacles to us implementing a user friendly experience. However, despite these speed bumps that we faced, we are proud of the visual aesthetic and the easy to read layout that we have made. Creating this informative app with all the different types of plastics, metals, glass and cardboard products enhanced our coding experience in a working environment and was a fun first hackathon with good friends.

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