Blacksmith is an application which enables organizations to track terms important to them on twitter in real time; and when conditions they specify are met, optionally send a relevant tweet immediately. Companies can now “Strike while the iron’s hot”.

From our application a user has the ability to schedule and view Social Campaigns. A Social Campaign is a job containing: a term to track, a time frame to track the term, and a threshold, which if met, will cause a tweet to be sent. The information about this job is sent to a service running on Heroku, tapping into the Twitter Streaming API. All tweet information relevant to past, current, and upcoming campaigns including the user, tweet, and time it was posted is sent back to Salesforce using a REST api. With this information, an organization can run reports or analytics on the tweets coming in.

From a campaign view, a user can see the progress of the campaign and all tweets associated with the campaign. Blacksmith can even map the geolocated tweets to gain insight about where people are talking about your term!

The application stays up to date through automatic and manual refreshes, so from the view of a running campaign you can see new tweets come in!

Blacksmith is accessible using the following: From Salesforce1 on any mobile device - tap the Blacksmith App on the left From any web browser, log in to salesforce and select the Blacksmith tab

(Dev Org Linked Twitter Account: @BlacksmithSoft)


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