Nobody likes procrastinating. Feeling demotivatied meet deadlines can make life hard for everyone. Why not give yourself a jumpstart your productivity by pitting yourself against the unnecessary consequences of your actions? Introducing blackMailYourself, a web-service that generates encrypted contracts between friends.


"For the last few months, I had been falling behind on a lot of projects that I wanted to finish but couldn't find the motivation to do so. To try and get myself moving, I made a contract with a close friend, offering my twitter password for an entire Feburary if I didn't make a deadline by the end of the January. I thought that if I put myself against the clock while knowing the consequences of my inactivity then I would be able to push myself to produce projects on time. A couple discord calls and big memes later, the idea for blackMailYourself was born." - Cal

What it does

blackMailYourself creates a contract between a person and their accountability buddy. A user will fill out a contract form, in which they provide a task, dirty secret, passphrase, and specific deadline. In order to maintain privacy, the secret is encrypted using the passphrase, hashed a second time, then stored while the passphrase is kept between the user and their buddy. If the task is incomplete by the deadline, blackMailYourself will allow the buddy to unlock the dirty secret by providing the passphrase. Hopefully by some miracle, these contracts motivate the user to finish whatever it is they set out to do.

How we built it

"Build fast and move things"

  1. Set-up basic local server
  2. Built log-in, registration, dashboard
  3. Manage sessions, upload, & unlock systems.
  4. Validation on contract creation
  5. Push to cloud computing for use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learned a new language and framework within 24 hours

Challenges we ran into

  • Windows and its refusal to work due to dependencies

What's next for blackmail yourself

  • Email System
  • Arbitrary file upload(Images, Non-text,etc.)
  • Actual Security
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