I was inspired by stories of my friends interacting with people they met online. The people they ended up trusting turned out to be quite sketchy, so I wanted a way to prevent that.

What it does

It uses twilio's API to create a platform that will allow users to report the phone numbers of those who have harassed them. The platform will then make the application get vetted (eventually a human will also review it) and then the platform will add the phone number to the blacklist. Then, people can use the platform to check and reference a specific phone number to see if it is blacklisted.

How we built it

Built using python, twilio, flask, ngrok

Challenges we ran into

Twilio documentation isn't that good -- often times we couldn't figure out what command to use or which methods to input.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we used networking, as well as made a small step towards ending #hackharassment forever.

What we learned

We learned how to use Twilio as well as how to process JSON requests within python. We also learned a little bit about data handling and virtual environments.

What's next for Blacklist

New functions that will prevent harassment, such as calling bartenders to discretely help someone leave a situation, or giving the user a phone call to help them escape a situation that makes them uncomfortable

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