Want to make money quick, so go to casino, count card, get rich, die happy.

What it does

Uses a patent pending algorithm to determine the best decision to maximize the number of round wins on average.

How we built it

We coded a class to recognize image input through a laptop webcam to see the cards currently in play. This input was passed into a class containing the decision algorithm, which produced a positive value to indicate a decision to 'hit' and 0 or negative to indicate 'hold'. The output from this algorithm was passed to Arduino IDE using pyserial to activate appropriate robot movements.

Challenges we ran into

Main challenges were in getting the optical recognition code to correctly pass input and in passing the algorithm output to a physical action by the robot. These were large time sinks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Putting together three different classes for optical input, processing, and robot output that were independently created, and troubleshooting the many compatibility issues that came up.

What we learned

Picked up the Arduino IDE for the first time, as well as used pyserial to read Arduino instructions into Python.

What's next for aceofSpace

Implementing more behaviours (cosmetic like win celebration or loss movements), further optimizing the algorithm to play the game correctly, and improving the construction/appearance of the bot.

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