I was inspired to make this project since I was learning about using AIs in games, I thought I would try it with blackjack. I also planned to put this as a possible competitor in a game where you are playing blackjack but changed my plan with it. I chose blackjack since it is a fun and competitive game that can be played to win _ (usually lose) _ money. .

What it does

I have an idea for an app that allows for after download, to immediately input your game status, for it to give you the best possible move. That means no signing in, or making accounts. You will input your status by doing three things. First, you will input the value of your starting hand. Like if you have a 6 of hearts and a 7 of spades, you input 13 as your starting hand. Next, you will input the dealer/opponent's show-card. Lastly, you will input whether you have a usable ace. A usable ace is an ace that can act as either a one or an 11 without going over 21.(BTW if you have a usable ace, use it as 11 in the hand input) Blackjack rules here:

Challenges I ran into

I built my project in a way where it would play the game over and over again, randomly hitting or standing. From there it would save all the wins that it had that include all three categories. This means that I could create as much training data as I wanted. What was challenging was that I overestimated how much data I could train on at once, and often wasted hours training a model that would take too long to build. Eventually, I settled to 250,000 lines of code.

What's next for Blackjack Winner

For now, This blackjack project is just using a platform called Pyxeda for a proof of concept, but if I win any of the possible "best hacks", I will carry out my plan of turning this into an app.

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