BlackHole is secure, server-less file transfer that works with blockchain technology. It's an open-source project and available for Windows and Mac.


We always wanted an easy to use file sharing platform. As time passed, privacy and security became more important to us. But unfortunately, we didn't find any choice for our own use, so we made it.

What it does

It's decentralized file transfer that works over blockchain technology!

How I built it

We made it with implementing Blockstack Rest API in Pascal and adding more layer of encryption, and after that put it in a nice interface to provide a very pleasant experience.

Challenges I ran into

Defining a new decentralized and secure protocol for file sharing from scratch that should be fast, and after that implementing it. Of course it is now OpenSource, so everyone can review it, and together we can improve it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Keeping it nice and easy along the industry standard security so no one can be evil.


Check out this page for some users comments about BlackHole:

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