Building solutions to minimize energy wastage.

What it does

It detects the exact faulty LED that is connected to a particular CCMS Minimizing time to detect faulty street lights automatically without complaint system.

How we built it

Using python and django we have live graphs of voltage and current. Google Map API to generate latitudes and longitude coordinates from city name. API generates map based on coordinates of citites generated by bing's API Using optical sensor based networks of IoT system.

Challenges we ran into

Cost effectiveness Real time voltage and current data analysis Choosing between cameras and optical sensors

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Thinking a economically and technologically viable path to achieve the purpose

What we learned

Plotting maps to check complaint density Optical Sensor working APIs GMPLOT Sci-kit Learn

What's next for BlackCode

We wish to develop this project further as 24 hours were not possible to complete this project.As we have mapped out many strategies that can are still to be applied to derive multiple business.

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