Inspiration: We're trying to get involved in the AI chat-bot craze and pull together cool pieces of technology -> including Google Cloud for our backend, Microsoft Cognitive Services and Facebook Messenger API

What it does: Have a look - message Black Box on Facebook and find out!

How we built it: SO MUCH PYTHON

Challenges we ran into: State machines (i.e. mapping out the whole user flow and making it as seamless as possible) and NLP training

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Working NLP, Many API integrations including Eventful and Zapato

What we learned

What's next for BlackBox: Integration with google calendar - and movement towards a more general interactive calendar application. Its an assistant that will actively engage with you to try and get your tasks/events/other parts of your life managed. This has a lot of potential - but for the sake of the hackathon, we thought we'd try do it on a topic that's more fun (and of course, I'm sure quite a few us can benefit from it's advice :) )

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