This serves as the foundation for every needy customer where it be the student or a blind person

What it does

Scans the barcode and displays the item with the

How we built it

Using OpenCv ,python, cassandra and various other platforms to lay the foundation for one of the complex platform coagulated from existing small scale platform

Challenges we ran into

A lot , although completing a full website with some more add ons we gave our best one can give whinin 36 hours .Turning completely into a robot we just layered and expanded the base with huge expansion of knowledge and the overall idea of the project, in the future however we would like to expand this knowledge for the betterment of people

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything , especially being on a [positive note , we completely saw this as perfect expansion of our knowledge

What we learned

From backend to frontend , from data retrieval between web to use of database .You describe it and we may have thought of it

What's next for Black&White

A huge expansion, maybe putting it as a app for the benefits of customer

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