Black Remote She is a phenomenal organization, and I hope my project can help them gain a greater audience and continue to innovate. I am inspired by the powerful team behind BRS as well as the opportunity to partake in this unique track.

What it does

I essentially followed the guidelines sent by the organizers of BRS – my hack gives corporations the opportunity to list upcoming jobs and have them displayed in a database. The system also allows job seekers to submit their information to be added to a linked database of information.

How I built it

Website is built through Repl.It using HTML/CSS/JS, but there are CognitoForm and AppSheet integrations as part of the app. Since most job search algorithms revolve around data science, that's mainly what I focused on.

What we learned

While hard coding is still my true passion, I learned a lot about how data science works and how computer and data science especially work hand in hand. I'm also not the most experienced designer, so I learned a lot about CSS.

What's next for Black Remote She Job Search

In the future, I want to better integrate the AppSheet part of the hack since I mainly just hyperlinked it for now. Since AppSheet has so many integrations and analytics available, I wonder how that could make things easier for BRS with their organizational strategies.

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