For us, Reels is a new round and new format in Instagram, it opens up huge opportunities for creativity. We really wanted to create a vivid effect that allows us to forget for a while about the situation in the world with COVID-19. Take a break from this theme, immerse yourself in the world of AR and enjoy the dance rhythm they create in dance. Since dancing is always movement, life, they give all of us a surge of energy, mood and help to express our feelings.

What it does

The filter follows your silhouette with neon lines and fills it with chaotic bright elements. The broken glass effect is surprising. With it, you can enjoy dancing and amaze your followers.

How I built it

This effect was created with Spark AR Studio and actually in the patch editor.

Challenges I ran into

The difficulty arose mainly in the concept and visualization of the effect, so that the effect was harmoniously displayed in combination with other elements of the effect, since internal chaotic particles were used, which had to be transformed by neon lines

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that people are very fond of our effect and more and more often shoot with it their incendiary dances, dances of relatives and friends. We receive a lot of positive feedback to support the effect. This gives us motivation to create further and create new bright effects, try to make people happier and bring a piece of positive to the circle of their relatives and friends, since the world is not always bright, and we all lack this kindness, positive. and respect for each other.

What I learned

When creating any effect, it is also important to study every detail, element, and optimization. As of today, the effect may not work correctly on some Android models. Unfortunately, we cannot influence this, but we speak about it openly and truthfully. We learned how to manage segmentation and combine the necessary elements with a recent feature, the render pass.

What's next for Black Rainbow

Spark AR is getting more features and integrations, and new creative possibilities are opening up for developers.

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