NFTs usually have so unaffordable prices that truly gamers can't pay for them. On another hand, more and more investors would like to start investing in NFTs, but they get confused how to start. We would love to encourage gamers to develop their hobby, even their career (such as streamers) and help gamers and investors earn money in this huge metaverse universe.

What it does

  • This platform plays a role as a broker/intermediate which connects renters, lenders
  • Rent and lend NFTs e.g. estates, collectibles of many gaming platforms in specific periods at affordable price.
  • Push lending listings and get rent as fast as possible ## How we built it
  • First, we identify who is the target audience, the persona. We have three personas: the Nobb, the gaming expert and the NFT expert. Then, finding their pain points and problems are our goal.
  • We brainstormed and address the solution.
  • We divided into two small teams. While Thu is in charge of designing the UX/UI Web app and prototype. Peter undertook the backend development. Then he did a great job in frontend developing. ## Challenges we ran into
  • At the first time, our team include 4 members: two Ux/Ui designers and two full stack web3/ mobile developer. However, one designer and one developers gave up. We decided to keep going.
  • The difficulty is how to keep our motivation ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  • The most we're proud of that we didn't give up. We made a very good teamwork between designing and coding ## What we learned
  • How to work in team, especially in communication through Slack
  • How to track the project progress with Trello
  • How to divide tasks and leverage the talent of other members ## What's next for Black Hole
  • We planned to upgrade it to responsive design and make a mobile app version
  • If it works effectively, we would love to find investors for our project

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