Due to the recent treat on blacks of recent due to the difference in their body colors, i was inspired to build something that when seen will create a positive feedback about blacks. For a very long time now, blacks have been seen by other races as been inferior and not matched to be part of the world system. But with studies and research, i found out that blacks participate in most activities of the world and always find a way to fit in. The black race have been of great contribution to most of the world's events and have always been of support to world development. So i decided to build a flag that could tell all of this using colors and pictures.

What it does

The flag symbolizes to the world that black lives matters and that blacks should be treated as gold because they are also valuable to the world. The blue magenta color symbolizes that blacks have always been peaceful and are not capable of the violence they always tag them to. The white color in the flag symbolizes that blacks mean peace and safety to other races in the world and therefore should be given the same treat. The black Lives matters gold medal symbolizes that other races should treat blacks like gold as they are very special and stop the violence against them. The end police brutality symbolizes that police should stop the brutality on blacks and rather act as their guidance against harm.

How I built it

I built the flag using figma web design tools. link

Challenges I ran into

The challenges i ran into while building this flag include: I had difficulty on color choice, i needed a color which shows value and peace at the same time. I also had challenge on word selection and pictures. I wanted something that does not look aggressive and does not indicate a forceful method of educating someone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am really proud of what i finally accomplished, the flag is simple and explains it's propose without needing additional guidance.

What I learned

I learnt how to use most figma tools that i have not used before. It was a great experience building this.

What's next for Black Lives Matters

I would be pushing this to all platforms including twitter, facebook and instagram. i will also be advocating for black lives using this flag until their voices are heard and something is done to stop the current brutality and wrongful treat on them

Built With

  • figma
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