Inspiration In light of the current events, we have created a filter that unifies all those who support the colored communities and individuals, and those who have faced experienced discrimination due to their skin color. We want to remind the people about the ideals of the free world and free America. It is important to commemorate the fact that during this tough time we have to live in harmony and support those who are in need. What it does We've created a virtual world that portrays a few of the most significant colored figures in the world. People can use this filter to show their support to the colored communities and individuals while learning about the famous quotes from famous personalities: Martin Luther King and George Floyd. How we built it For building this project we used software like blender (3d modeling) and spark ar. Firstly, we had to create different assets for the effect. For that we used blender. We created the 3d model of the personalities, then the environment, and finally the textures. The final step was to compile all the assets together while adding the different required animations. For the effect, we used the plane tracker and the animation sequence. Challenges we ran into We really wanted to make an impact in spreading racial inequality through this project, but had a difficult time finding the right way. To create our filter, we first had to make a 3d object using blender which was a really challenging task considering we were not so familiar with 3d modelling. Next came the spark ar part, where we spent hours trying to find the right assets and objects trying making the filter look like what we had in mind. Even trying to find the right images took a significant amount of time. And, after all that, the filter looked nothing like we wanted it to be. The position as well as sizes were messed up and we had to spend more time making it look good on a real device. But, after all that hard work, we finally made what we wanted, helped the community as well as had fun along the way. Accomplishments that we're proud of Initially, we all were not at all acquainted with the vicinity of Argumented Reality but after a lot of determination and hard work we ended up boasting a wonderful filter which unifies all the protesters against the discrimination and challenges faced by the Black Community . Our team member Satvik Kapoor came up a mind-boggling 3-D model which was certainly a proud moment for the team . What we learned We found that educational AR representations were beneficial for learning specific knowledge and increasing participants' self-efficacy . After gaining a ton of knowledge about Augmented Reality , we believe that AR can radically transform STEM learning by making challenging concepts accessible to students. We even gained some knowledge about animations and the lives of black people while researching about them . Moreover, being introduced to SPARK AR was an awesome experience for the team and we hope to continue gaining wisdom in this field What's next for Black Lives Matter We intent to promote and create awareness about the movement at a large scale by uploading our filter on various social websites such as Facebook and Instagram.

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