Professor Boxiang Dong, a very helpful person that made it possible for me to accomplish something like this.

What it does

Tracks hand in python, uses java within a javafx-based physics engine, to move a black hole around the screen.

How I built it

Reading loads of stack overflow posts, and talking extensively with the associates that visited us at Montclair State. Zill, Paul, and I worked for a long time trying to optimize the I/O between Python and Java.

Challenges I ran into

It is very difficult to interface Python and Java. We tried bash pipes, streams, and settled on a java-hosted sockets server with the python as a client, primarily for sending ordered pairs of coordinates for the object-tracking to java for parsing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I accomplished my goal of being able to use Python models to interface with a Java program, and being able to stay up for 24 hours without breaks

What I learned

I learned how to interface between two completely different programming languages, how to set up and run a multi-threaded sockets server, how to multi-thread inside of java, how to implement machine learning outside of python, and a list of other things.

What's next for Black Hole

Deepen the network training within the hand/object detection, and be able to detect specific gestures to perform tasks on screen. Also, to switch to and utilize bash pipes to have the most optimal communication between software running on different languages.

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