The inspiration is the desire to create a platform/website that bridges the offline experiences that will take place within the nonprofit Black Fathers, which will be a physical representsion of the online experience which is the facebook group, Black Fathers. It's also to provide a connection for those who may not be members of the facebook group or on facebook at all.

What it does

With this site we will continue to allow black men raising or working to raise their children a place to tell their stories, have their voices heard and change the narrative on black fatherhood globally. The site will provide fathers with connections to resources, share advice and expertise on various topics and organize and participate in social events and action items.

How we built it

We built the website with WordPress. We built a resource page with React JS. We built a Messenger bot. We utilized facebook login.

Challenges we ran into

Getting approval for facebook apps. Uploading to GIT HUB to get through Cloud9

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Bringing the idea to life. Creating a way in which group members and non-members alike can't be linked to resources without having to search through or ask members of the facebook group itself, which non-members can't access. Creating a Messenger bot which will deliver information and help onboard those who wish to join the facebook group and connect with the mission further.

What we learned

Utilizing templates and components with React JS proves for a faster build.

What's next for Black Fathers website

Continued growth through the addition of pages, sections, resources and opportunities for visitors--particularly fathers--to connect to one another and gain from each other.

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