The inpiration for this filter came trough with the recent events on protests against racism all over the world but specially in Brazil. For that reason we wanted to give the opportunity for instagram users to experience an Augmented reality art exhibition in which our goal was to inspire and enrich not only communities through the human necessity of experiencing art but also empower individuals to act for change.

What it does

While coming up with the AR filter we have created art pieces for the exhibition where each one spreads an black brazilian institution that tackles different and specific aspects of racism.

How I built it

Using Spark AR studio and JavaScript scripts

Challenges I ran into

We had to learn the Spark AR platform and create several textures for the AR art exhibition.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of our the augmented realty filter prototype since we had to work hard to create it. And we are even more proud of our researches about art and the importance of empower individuals to act for change.

What I learned

We learned that every individual can act for change and that using our gained skills of creating augmented reality filter for instagran we can support and spread several messages that helps enrich communities and supports a larger social good.

What's next for Black Brasil

Our goal is to continue working on the filter so we can improve not only the user experience in it, but increase and create textures for more black brazilian institutions to be spread.

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