Documentation is a very tedious process..
I believe there are 2 types of documentation on high level for a technical project.

  1. Documentation for the end user. [applicable for almost all the projects]
  2. Technical documentation for the developers and maintainers. [applicable mostly for long-term
    projects] keeping comments in our code describing what it does is an example of 2nd type.
    I wanted to make the development journey easier by having a live documentation engine attached to our IDEs

What it does

I have created a VsCode extension, which is directly integrated to slack.

  1. settings screen to add custom bot tokens.
  2. need a git repo => uses the name of repo to create a repo channel in slack.
  3. documentation/ dev-logs of each file is represented as a thread in slack.
  4. tagging + filtering based on tags
  5. quick help tags
  6. OpenAI based code description
  7. SlackOverflow Integration
  8. For testing, Join My Workspace [default xapp and xoxb]:

Get started

  1. Install the extension "Black Box"
  2. open any git repo in vscode [repo I used in demo =>]
  3. press CTRL + M
  4. to configure your own workspace, create a bot with permissions mentioned in the demo in your workspace => add the bot token(OAuth) and app token(websocket) in extension settings.

How we built it

  1. JavaScript based
  2. uses slack/web-api
  3. uses slack websocket
  4. openAI codex for code description
  5. StackOverflow integration

Built With

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