Following many visits to the remort and unreached parts of Africa with an American mission organization. I had an oppotunity to serve the local communities of Northern Tanzania with installing safe water purifiers and health care trainings.Seing many lives lost in Africa due to unsafe water,kids fail to go to school with water related crisis and a high rate of pediatric fatality coused by water borne dieseses, I went back to school in China and desidned a water purifier that could serve to reduce this rate and yet be easy to use, reliable,affordable and with no byproducts or bad residures.I realize that everyone has a role to play in this global water crisis,its my passion to be part of this and offer my contribution to our communities. We faced several finencial,technical challenges in desidgning and making the BK water purifier.

BK purifys water light tubes,solar powered, uses 12V battery.

Finencial, some technical delays

We got a pattent from the Chinese governement alredy, worn the city to province level project competition

I learned lots of team working skills, people skills, technology and other working procedures. Opening a manufucture company upon winning the national level in Beijing China.These products will serve the water crisis in a large scale.

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