Pizza ordering for the future.

What it does revolutionizes the world of pizza delivery by offering a comprehensive platform for both customers and businesses to use. Emphasizing ease of use, empowers its users by creating a streamlined ordering experience, allowing customers and business owners to get back to their lives rather than having to deal with a convoluted and complex platform. also gives the users a voice by allowing customers to write reviews and publish them to the platform, and establishes strong customer-business relationships through the implementation of a rewards system. Repeat customers are given rewards points which they can then redeem for discounts.

How we built it is written using a full Node.JS Stack. We used Express, badcube, Bootstrap, React, Shard and Axios to make the application possible.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenges in developing were learning new frameworks, libraries and languages. Nick and Alexis, skilled in embedded systems, had to learn Javascript and make the transition into using Node to work on the backend of the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the backend code; it has been optimized heavily and has experienced minimal issues during the course of development.

What we learned

Nick and Alexis, both Computer Engineers with extensive embedded systems experience, had never really touched Node before this Hackathon and learned a lot about the wonders (and occasionally perils!) of Javascript.

What's next for Bizza Boys

We plan to begin marketing as a solution for small pizza businesses that may not already have a web ordering system in place. We also plan to expand the capabilities of the application, adding an in-app payment system, options for ordering custom pizzas, and a promotional offer system. We also intend to develop an ordering assistant designed to assist small business owners in the complex task of ordering stock by analyzing order trends and patterns and predicting future demand accordingly.


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