Metaverse – the Future Vision for the Internet - A place where real and virtual blend is the first reason that inspired us. Moreover, we see that there are many businesses that want to digitalize their businesses in order to bring their products/services globally, but they don't know how to do it

What it does

BIZVERSE builds an ecosystem of a digital twin of business activities, shopping, attending events of the real world and the virtual world on blockchain, using VR, AR combined with 3D models on the platform of the 3D digital map to create a virtual reality model that associated with people's work, entertainment and shopping activities in reality, this will make a world connecting between real and virtual life. In the world of BIZVERSE, the participating individuals will role-play and bring their real-life characteristics with the fields, the work they are doing business, the habits, the needs of shopping, trading relationships or their own daily relationships on the social network model. Video:

  • Bring day-to-day business to the metaverse world. How does Bizverse bring business to the Metaverse? The Covid-19 epidemic has changed consumer behavior, the more online shopping, the higher the. Video:

  • Equality in global exposure for micro businesses to large corporations (e.g. A farmer in Africa can still sell)

  • Change the mindset of traditional business people, the elderly about crypto (this is the object that holds most of the cash flow of the economy)

  • Bringing crypto to life through formal activities, (unlike games, this activity can be officially introduced to organizations, governments, or users who are not yet sympathetic to crypto)

How we built it

  • Use 3D Map set in the earth we live in, a future where the real world is covered with digital creations, entertainment, and information, making it magical, fun, and more potential. Video:

  • Use strong proven Vr/Ar technology platform with vrFairs branch and Vr360 platform with many customers using during digital transformation. Video:

  • Built Social networking system for business, helping to connect people with people according to the B2B, B2C, C2C model. Bizverse Social can provide users with open spaces, connecting a variety of different applications, ranging from images to content,… creating a creative environment for users to become unlimited. Imagine when all barriers to creativity will be completely removed with the groundbreaking tools and features that the developer provides, then the Metaverse will be formed – another world, existing in parallel. with the real world. Video:

  • We built tokens and NFT Marketplace with Aurora network Video:

  • Built entirely on AWS cloud infrastructure, storing data according to Cloud Storage model

  • Create the system open, integrate of popular solutions in a single place, creating a familiar and seamless experience

Challenges we ran into

When mentioning metaverse, people think of gaming as a reference point at first. We are defining our project: Bizverse – the Metaverse for Business.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are so proud of what we are doing and the team – a young, dynamic and talented team that is working day and night for the thing that no one has ever done before in Vietnam, especially contributing to the community.
  • The project's commitment is long-term, not following a passing trend. Towards maximum access to objects in society, creating fairness in access to information of the disadvantaged classes.

What we learned

We are learning every day from working together as a team with experts, advisors who are the top people in the tech industry and from a variety of functions.

What's next for BIZVERSE

We have our product/solution, human resource, marketing & business plan, customers, and partners… well prepared for the global launching.

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